Coverage Overview

policeThe SIU Deadly Weapon Protection Program delivers these comprehensive and important coverages:

  • Primary Third party liability coverage (providing indemnity and expense on a “pay on behalf” basis)
  • Written on a claims made and reported policy form
  • Covers individual and/or groups of perpetrators
  • No terrorism exclusion
  • In addition to firearms, the definition of weapon includes explosive devices, knives, medical instruments, road vehicles and corrosive substances
  • Focused Risk Management Solutions:
    • On-Site or on-line Deadly Weapon and Security Vulnerability Assessment
    • Deadly Weapon Safety Action Plan Seminar
    • Crisis Management Services (public relations, media management, legal, crisis counseling, site security, restoration, etc.)
    • Solution provided by
  • Funeral expenses
  • Property damage
  • Business interruption (optional coverage)