Deadly Weapon Protection Program

Designed Specifically for Publically-Accessible Businesses and Facilities

campusRegardless of the individuals involved or the underlying circumstances, gunfire or use of a weapon at a public or private facility shatters the sense of security within the business or institution and leaves deep scars in the overall community. Since these acts are so senseless, few insureds are prepared to deal with the after effects. SIU’s Deadly Weapon Protection Program is designed to assist in a number of critical areas prior to, during and following these events.

As with any unexpected incident, preparation and planning are required to minimize the effects on all concerned. Our Deadly Weapon Protection Program provides you with the security of an independent limit of liability as well as clear third party coverage and optional first-party coverage.

Just as important as dealing with any emergency situation, is dealing with public perceptions during and after the incident. Planning for perception also protects your business or institution’s image/credibility and its ability to recover after a crisis. SIU’s risk management solution includes a Security Vulnerability Assessment and preparedness training modules. Also included is Crisis Management assistance, which includes public relations, media management, legal, crisis counseling, site security, restoration, and more.

mallWhile it is impossible to put a price on the toll this type of event takes on those affected, our provisions for Funeral and Counseling expenses help mitigate additional hardship on the families of those lost. In addition, and most importantly, our policy protects against liability claims that likely will arise from such a senseless event.

Although the likelihood of this type of event occurring at any institution is small, the frequency of active shooter events is steadily increasing nationally. SIU’s Deadly Weapon Protection Program therefore should be a necessary part of a public or private business’ insurance and risk management portfolio.

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  • Primary Liability Policy
  • Limits of $1,000,000 to $30,000,000
  • Clear Third Party Coverage
  • Broad definition of weapon, including firearms, explosive devices, knives, medical instrument and corrosive substances
  • Focused Risk Management Solutions:
    • On-Site Active Shooter and Security Vulnerability Assessment
    • Active Shooter Safety Action Plan Seminar
    • Crisis Management Services (public relations, media management, legal, crisis counseling, site security, restoration, etc.)
  • Funeral expenses
  • Property damage
  • Business interruption (optional coverage)


  • Educational Institutions
  • Healthcare Institutions
  • Entertainment Venues and Events
  • Retail (including, but not limited to banks, restaurants, cinemas, shopping malls and stores within malls)
  • Religious House of Worship
  • Government and Municipal Facilities and Parks
  • Industrial and Commercial