Deadly Weapon Protection Program

A necessary part of any publically-accessible facility’s insurance and risk management portfolio.

Coverage Overview

The SIU active shooter insurance program delivers comprehensive coverages including third part liability, property damage, business interruption and crisis management services.

Key Coverage Features & Benefits

Delivering important benefits such as flexible policy limits and crisis management teams.

Why Deadly Weapon Protection Insurance is Important

In today’s modern world threats come from many sources. One of the most difficult to defend against is the incursion of an armed individual (or group of individuals) intent on inflicting harm. Unfortunately due to the growing trend of annual Active Shooter and Deadly Weapon incidents in the United States of America the term ‘Active Shooter’ reflects how mass gun and deadly weapon violence and is now embedded in the world around us.


The reasons are clear, publically-accessible facilities by virtue of their business provide easy, open access and are therefore naturally very hard to secure. The daily, high volume transient movement of staff, students, customers and visitors increase the chances of a deadly weapon event occurring as anyone can gain unchallenged access at any time. When a facility operator gets things wrong the potential liability for a non-employee (third party) being harmed in such an event can be significant.

Being experts in both the educational sector and liability insurance, SIU’s Lloyd’s of London broker, created an innovative, market leading product specifically designed for public and private businesses and facilities: Deadly Weapon Protection coverage provides Third Party Liability Insurance with built in pre-contracted Crisis Management Services as standard – no additional premium. The product goes beyond pure insurance and crucially focuses on providing pre and post Deadly Weapon Event risk management provided by

  • Primary Liability Policy
  • Limits of $1,000,000 to $20,000,000
  • Clear Third Party Coverage
  • Broad definition of weapon, including firearms, explosive devices, knives, vehicles, medical instruments, road vehicles, and corrosive substances
  • Focused Risk Management Solutions:
    • On-Site or On-Line Deadly Weapon and Security Vulnerability Assessment
    • Deadly Weapon Safety Action Plan Seminar
    • Crisis Management Services (public relations, media management, legal, crisis counseling, site security, restoration, etc.)
  • Funeral expenses
  • Property damage
  • Business interruption (optional coverage)

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